5ft King Size Beds

Those who prefer a slice of heaven to add to their nighttime routine might consider taking the plunge and upgrading to a king bed. If your room allows for the space, a king bed is a great addition to a large-sized bedroom. Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in one of our comfortable standard king beds for sale or add some flexibility with our zip and link king size beds. 

 Carmel Grey Linen Ottoman Bed

Carmel Grey Linen Ottoman Bed

The Carmel Grey Linen Ottoman Bed is an attractive...

From £429.99

Ex Tax: £358.32

Axton Antique Bronze Bed Frame

Axton Antique Bronze Bed Frame

The Axton Antique Bronze Metal Finish Bed Frame is...

From £299.99

Ex Tax: £249.99

Bracken Divan Bed Base

Bracken Divan Bed Base

Building on one of our most popular fabrics, the B...

From £319.99

Ex Tax: £266.66

Bracken Drawer Bed Base

Bracken Drawer Bed Base

Our Bracken Drawer Bed Base builds on one of our m...

From £369.99

Ex Tax: £308.32

Bracken Platform Bed Base

Bracken Platform Bed Base

The Bracken Platform Bed Base builds on one o...

From £349.99

Ex Tax: £291.66

Bretton Oak 2 Drawer Bed Frame

Bretton Oak 2 Drawer Bed Frame

The Bretton Oak 2 Drawer bed frame is an attractiv...

From £389.99

Ex Tax: £324.99

Bretton White 2 Drawer Bed Frame

Bretton White 2 Drawer Bed Frame

The Bretton White 2 Drawer bed frame is an attract...

From £399.99

Ex Tax: £333.32

Callisto Bed Frame

Callisto Bed Frame

The Callisto Bed Frame is an exquisite classic bed...

From £449.99

Ex Tax: £374.99

Capricorn Bed Frame

Capricorn Bed Frame

Designed to be rolled into after a busy day, this ...

From £160.00

Ex Tax: £133.33

Benefits of King Size Beds:

When creating a bedroom that encourages sleep, your bed is the most important factor in the equation. Therefore, a plush bed that entices you to crawl into it should be at the top of your priority list. When you choose a king size bed online, you are choosing luxury. 

A king sized bed allows you plenty of space to stretch out in and is great if you share the bed with another person. King size beds can comfortably fit two adults in, so you don’t need to worry about your sleeping position affecting your partner. With more space than a double, you’re guaranteed ample space and more. Browse our selection of king beds for sale to find your perfect match.

Standard King Bed Frame Size

Our king size beds online measure in at 6ft 6 x 5ft. This gives you significantly more space than double beds in both length and width. Also, the extra length helps if you are on the taller side – if you opt for a double bed, your feet might end up hanging off the edge!

If you’re interested in a king size bed but are concerned about fitting it into your home or would like the option of adaptability, why not try our zip and link king size beds? With a secure cover over the zip to ensure you don’t feel it in the night, our zip and link king size beds are the perfect solution for a flexible sleeping arrangement.

Our King Bed Frames for Sale:

Update your room from our selection of king beds for sale:

Wooden king beds for sale

Our wooden king bed frames for sale are an excellent, timeless option for those who want a kind bed to stand the test of time. Our Bretton bed is perfect for someone who needs the extra storage, as it comes with two drawers built-in.

Fabric king beds for sale

Our Chenille divan base is perfect for someone wanting an affordable bed frame option. The king-size bed comes in various colours, including black, grey, silver and mink. The Chenille Divan Base comes without a headboard, so it is perfect for a minimalist style house or those who like to switch up their headboard often.

Metal king beds for sale

Our Callisto bed is fitted with a sprung slatted base for extra comfort, ensuring that you get the best possible sleep. The chrome finish is a striking element to any room, perfect for a unisex bedroom or an industrial-style interior design.

Leather king beds for sale

Our leather divan base is ideal for creating a neutral base to build upon with other textures to create a cosy and inviting space. This bed is very popular amongst B&Bs and hotels – get the hotel look in your own home.

Velvet king beds for sale

For a smart option, our velvet drawer divan base is wonderful. The pull-out drawers contain sufficient storage for extra towels or bed linen, and the velvet texture adds an element of interest to any room.

Our king size beds online are the perfect addition to your bedroom, no matter the size or space. Check out our blogs for more information regarding choosing the correct mattress or making your bed look like a hotel. For further information about our standard and zip and link king size beds, please contact us today; we’d be happy to help!