4ft6 Double Beds

Double beds are the most popular size of beds in the UK, and it comes as no surprise. With their ample size and ultimate comfort, we agree that double beds are an excellent choice. Buy double beds online today by browsing our extensive collection – we’re certain we’ll have the perfect bed just for you.

 Carmel Grey Linen Ottoman Bed

Carmel Grey Linen Ottoman Bed

The Carmel Grey Linen Ottoman Bed is an attractive...

From £429.99

Ex Tax: £358.32

Axton Antique Bronze Bed Frame

Axton Antique Bronze Bed Frame

The Axton Antique Bronze Metal Finish Bed Frame is...

From £299.99

Ex Tax: £249.99

Bracken Divan Bed Base

Bracken Divan Bed Base

Building on one of our most popular fabrics, the B...

From £319.99

Ex Tax: £266.66

Bracken Drawer Bed Base

Bracken Drawer Bed Base

Our Bracken Drawer Bed Base builds on one of our m...

From £369.99

Ex Tax: £308.32

Bracken Platform Bed Base

Bracken Platform Bed Base

The Bracken Platform Bed Base builds on one o...

From £349.99

Ex Tax: £291.66

Bretton Oak 2 Drawer Bed Frame

Bretton Oak 2 Drawer Bed Frame

The Bretton Oak 2 Drawer bed frame is an attractiv...

From £389.99

Ex Tax: £324.99

Bretton White 2 Drawer Bed Frame

Bretton White 2 Drawer Bed Frame

The Bretton White 2 Drawer bed frame is an attract...

From £399.99

Ex Tax: £333.32

Callisto Bed Frame

Callisto Bed Frame

The Callisto Bed Frame is an exquisite classic bed...

From £449.99

Ex Tax: £374.99

Capricorn Bed Frame

Capricorn Bed Frame

Designed to be rolled into after a busy day, this ...

From £119.99

Ex Tax: £99.99

Benefits of Double Bed Furniture

A full double bed is large enough to fit two people comfortably, making it the perfect choice for couples who both require enough personal space. For single folk who enjoy a starfish in bed, a double bed provides enough space for all your stretching needs. 

Furthermore, a double bed occupies less space than a king or super king bed, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to take up too much floor space.

Standard Double Bed Furniture Size

Typically, double beds are approximately 6 inches larger than a small double, offering extra width, which is more comfortable for two people. For more information on standard UK sized beds, check out our guide.

At Linx Beds, our double beds are made 6ft 3 long and 4ft wide by default, however, should you wish for an alternative length such as 6ft or even 6ft 6, please get in touch, and we will do our best to fulfil your bespoke request. 

Do I Need a Full Double Bed?

It isn’t easy deciding which bed to choose, especially when decorating a room for the first time. A double bed is a respectable and timeless bed size acceptable for various ages and sizes without compromising on comfort or style. We offer double bed furniture with and without storage, so you have plenty of options when buying a double bed online with us.

Full Double Bed Materials

Our double beds come in a variety of materials, including wood, velvet, leather or fabric. For those who require a stain-resistant surface, our Leather Platform Bed Base is a great choice for easy cleaning. To add another texture into your room, or for those who enjoy the industrial look, our Callisto Bed Frame in its striking chrome finish is the perfect option for you.

Double Bed Furniture with Storage

We offer double beds with storage, so you don’t have to make room for a chest of drawers. We get it – space is precious, so you want to maximise what you have to the best of your ability. A double bed with drawers doubles up as a storage space for you to tidy away bed linen, towels or even clothes. We offer double bed furniture with storage in Wood Oak and Fabric Divan. If you require more space than drawers, our Carmel Ottoman Bed mattress lifts to reveal a well of storage underneath your mattress. Similarly, our Whitford Ottoman Bed opens from the side for easy access.

Create the bed of your dreams with Linx Beds. You’ll never have looked forward to bedtime more! For more information on our selection of beds or corresponding mattresses, contact our friendly customer support team today.