Low Profile Beds

Are you short for space? Perhaps you have an attic room, a sloped ceiling or wish to make your room appear taller? A low profile bed is a perfect option for heightening the sense of space within your room or adapting to pesky low ceilings that you would otherwise bang your head on.

Bracken Platform Bed Base

Bracken Platform Bed Base

The Bracken Platform Bed Base builds on one o...

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Chenille Platform Bed Base

Chenille Platform Bed Base

The Chenille Platform Bed Base uses a popular and ...

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Leather Platform Bed Base

Leather Platform Bed Base

Our faux Leather Platform Bed Base is made from ou...

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Linoso Platform Base

Linoso Platform Base

An elegant, yet simple, linen-style material that ...

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Standard Platform Bed Base

Standard Platform Bed Base

The Standard Platform Bed Base provides good value...

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Velvet Platform Bed Base

Velvet Platform Bed Base

Our Velvet Platform Bed Base range adds a taste of...

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What is a Low Profile Bed?

What makes a low profile bed so short is the low profile bed base. The bed base is significantly shorter in height than a regular bed base, so the frame’s overall height is reduced. Otherwise known as low profile platform beds or low profile bed bases, our low profile beds are an excellent option for children, low ceiling bedrooms or those who prefer less of a climb into bed each evening!

History of Low Profile Bed Bases

Low profile bed bases originated from Japanese sleeping habits. They are simplistic in design and accentuate the space within the room. Authentic Japanese low profile beds traditionally have no headboard or footboard, however over the years they have been modernised to adapt to updated sleeping habits. 

Benefits of a Low Profile Platform Bed

For loft rooms, attic conversions or sloped ceilings, low profile beds can be a fantastic use of otherwise unused space and will complement the interior perfectly.

For children with little legs or pets that enjoy a comfy sleeping spot, a low profile platform bed rids the need for children to climb into bed and reduces the risk of back problems for dogs and cats. Now your kids can enjoy sleeping with their kitten in peace!

Minimalism is a popular design trend whereby clutter is kept to a minimum. Low profile platform beds are an excellent bed option for someone wanting to decorate a minimal home. They are less bulky in appearance than a traditional bed and lend themselves perfectly to a paired-back aesthetic.

To chat to our team about low profile beds, or for height advice for fitting a low profile bed base in your own home, contact us today. We’d be happy to help!