A foam mattress is designed to frame your body while you sleep in order to ensure that you are supported. Your bodyweight is distributed evenly so that perfectly balanced support can be achieved, meaning that the support a memory foam mattress provides to certain pressure points can help to relieve aches and pain. All of this contributes to you getting the perfect night’s sleep! 

Zip and Link Memory Foam Mattress

There are various types of foam mattress collections, including our Zip and Link memory foam mattress selection; featuring our memory foam and memory pocket mattresses. 

Sleepwalk Memory Gold Mattress

Sleepwalk Memory Gold Mattress

The Sleepwalk Memory Gold Mattress features a luxu...

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Types of Foam Mattress

Whether you are looking for an affordable memory foam mattress, a specific brand, or a particular sleeping surface, our memory foam mattress online selection has something for everyone. 

Linx Beds foam mattress collection has a range of sizes, including: 

3ft Single

4ft Small Double

4ft6 Double 

5ft King standard or Zip and Link

6ft Super King standard or Zip and Link

Extra Length 5ft or 6ft Zip and Link

Generally, a foam mattress is very durable, depending on its density and the outer material on the mattress. Should you have a specific preference on firmness, height, weight, spring count or spring type, then simply click on each foam mattress individually to see each one’s unique details. 

Unsure as to which mattress firmness you prefer or require? Then, please take a look at our mattress firmness guide to determine your sleeping preferences before you browse our collection. It’s important you choose the mattress which works for you, so you can get the quality of sleep you deserve.