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Soft Mattresses

If you’re feeling discomfort at night and are having trouble sleeping, it could be due to your mattress being of incompatible firmness to what your body needs, causing potentially sleepless nights and aches and pains. With sleep being so important in order for us to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s important that we choose a mattress that will allow us to relax and nod off. A soft bed mattress could be the perfect match for you, allowing your body to relax so you can sleep soundly at night and without any pain in your body the next morning. 

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

The finest Memory Foam Mattress gently responds to...

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Ex Tax: £316.66

Foam Slumber Mattress

Foam Slumber Mattress

Sleep softly as you enter the land of nod with the...

From £259.99

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Foam Slumber Memory Mattress

Foam Slumber Memory Mattress

We know that getting the correct amount of rest is...

From £279.99

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Who is Most Suited to a Soft Mattress? 

Soft mattresses are normally suited best for those who suffer from back pain on a regular firmness mattress or who have any back-related problems. In addition, a soft mattress is also recommended for people who favour sleeping on their side, which creates a better alignment for the spine as the hips and shoulders are comfortably cradled. 

Which is the Best Soft Mattress? 

Finding the perfect soft mattress online can be tricky, but at Linx Beds, it need not be, we have a choice of three soft mattresses which are either foam or memory foam based on whether you need a soft mattress or soft firm mattress to add the extra layer of support. 

If you’re unsure whether your need a soft mattress, a soft firm mattress, a medium mattress or another degree of firmness, then take a look at our mattress firmness guide to see which firmness best suits you.