Aria 1500 Mattress

The Aria 1500 Mattress offers medium to firm support thanks to the 1500 pocketed springs (based on king size) at the cor...

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The Aria 1500 Mattress offers medium to firm support thanks to the 1500 pocketed springs (based on king size) at the core.

Pocketed springs respond to your body’s movements as you turn throughout the night, making sure the support is just where it is required, helping you to wake up fresh and fully rested. Lavish softening layers of deep fillings surrounded by a fern leaf design fine damask deliver a sleeping experience that you deserve.

The look of the Aria 1500 is completed by tufting the fabrics and fillings with fine tapes and decorative collars the traditional way. To keep the fillings fresh, eight air vents have been placed around the border. The Aria 1500 is a no turn mattress yet still includes Flag-stitched handles that you can use to rotate the mattress head to foot to prolong its life.

Not sure about which size is best for you? Check out our Mattress Size Guide for more info.


Airsprung are one of the UK’s leading bed companies. With over 140 years' experience, they are the largest single-site bed manufacturer in the UK. Buying from this well-known brand will provide peace of mind for years to come and is backed up with their 5-year manufacturing guarantee.

Sleeping Surface

High quality damask, tufted for comfort


1500 pocketed springs that adapt to body contours Comfort Layer: Soft white fillings, for added comfort

Mattress Care

Just rotate to keep the fillings fresh




Designed for all types of bed frames and divan bases


5 Years

Peace of Mind

National Bed Federation Accredited

Special Feature


Fire Acceditation

Meets all UK Fire Regulations


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