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Winter warmth with which tog?

Winter warmth with which tog?
06 December

With the nights drawing in earlier and the expectation of colder days ahead it could be a good time to check you will be warm enough in bed. Choosing a duvet with the correct tog can encourage us to snuggle down in bed and stay comfortable. 

As duvets have become an  essential part of our bedding  found in every home on every bed and with nearly one third of our lives spent sleeping it is wise to invest well when choosing a duvet. 

The tog rating is a simple way of referring to how well the duvet is able to  trap the air around you by explaining the level of warmth and insulation. It is not to be confused with the weight of the duvet which will vary depending on the filling and quality. As a general rule the higher the tog the warmer the duvet will be though remember that young children should not be given heavier duvets or a higher tog rating as they may quickly overheat. 

The suitability of any particular duvet tog will depend on a variety of things. Sharing a bed will keep you warmer so a 10.5 tog could be the best choice. This tog rating also is advisable if you prefer to have one duvet that is suitable for all around the year. Other factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a tog are the use of central heating, what sleepwear we wear and how large or what quality duvet we buy.

In the UK the general accepted guidelines for tog measurements are that a 4.5 tog is a lightweight, summer months duvet. This would be recommended for younger children. The 10.5 tog would be an excellent choice for that all round  year suitability if you only want to have the one duvet or would be ideal for the spring and autumn months. For the colder, winter months a 13.5 tog would be the warmer option bringing that extra feeling of cosiness.  

As a duvet lies over us at night then a good quality one should provide a number of years sleep before it needs to be replaced. If the filling is leaking out or the duvet is feeling limp then it could be time for a new one. 

Duvets are able to provide warmth for all seasons and the right tog will help ensure we are getting the very best night’s sleep. Let’s stay warm this winter!