Wanting to buy headboards online? Look no further! We offer a variety of headboards to purchase in a range of styles, materials and sizes. Here at Linx Beds, our Zip and Link headboards collection is the most popular category of bed headboards for sale. The headboards are compatible with our Zip and Link beds and mattresses to create a multifunctional sleep experience. All of our headboards are of exceptional quality, making Linx Beds the perfect place for buying headboards in the UK.

What are Zip and Link headboards?

If you already own a Zip and Link bed, buying a Zip and Link headboard is a great option as there are many compatibility options. You can select a headboard based on the size of your current bed, meaning that you don’t have to decide between two single headboards or one double headboard. The double headboard can convert into two singular headboards, meaning that when more than one guest comes to stay, they can each have their own lovely headboard to rest against. Due to their shape and size, the connection element which holds the headboards together is undetectable, making them the perfect option for regular hosts or expanding families. 

What sizes of headboards do you offer?

We specialise in all sizes of headboards, available in any style or colour you prefer. If you’re looking to buy a headboard online with Linx Beds, we have headboards available in the following sizes: 

Single headboards (3ft)

Small double headboards (4ft)

Double headboards (4ft6)

King headboards (5ft)

Super-king headboards (6ft) 

What materials do we offer?

We offer a variety of materials, including leather, linen and velvet. Whatever your interior taste, we are confident that we have a perfect bed headboard for sale for you. 

1. Leather Headboards

Our faux leather collection adds a glimmer of luxury to any bedroom setting. Available in cream, white, brown and black, these neutrals provide a simplistic and timeless element to your space. All of our divan bed bases can be made in these matching fabric colours, including our Zip and Link designs. 

2. Velvet Headboards

Add some elegance to your bedroom with our velvet headboard fabric selection. Available in Teal, Silver, Zinc or Steel, a velvet headboard is an easy way to update your bedroom and make it appear smarter. Alongside adding sophistication to your room, our velvet headboards provide the comfort required for a relaxing evening spent reading or watching TV in bed. 

3. Upholstered Headboards

Our upholstered headboards are created to the highest quality. We take extra care to ensure that each headboard is upholstered so that it will stand the test of time. So if you’re looking to buy headboards in the UK, check out our luxury upholstered collection for a stylish headboard that is guaranteed in comfort and quality.

Standing Vs Strutted Headboards

Standing headboard or strutted headboard? For many, this is a decision that can impact the look and feel of a bedroom. 

Standing bed headboards

Standing bed headboards offer stability and structural integrity. They fix directly into the base of a divan bed, meaning that it’s sturdier than a strutted headboard. Additionally, standing bed headboards are a great way of mimicking a bedstead look without the cost and permanence of purchasing a full bedframe. Standing headboards can often be more costly than strutted headboards, however the price is often worth it if the advantages appeal to your needs and preference.  

Strutted headboards

Strutted headboards contain reinforced struts that attach the headboard to the divan base. The attachment is invisible when a bed is pushed up against a wall. The major advantage of a strutted headboard is that it can be adjusted to any height you want. This is handy when it comes to changing your mattress, as the strutted headboard can be easily adjusted to fit. In addition, they’re lightweight, easy to move and store, and due to their lower cost, they can be changed more frequently depending on your style.

If you require any more information on the bed headboards we have for sale please contact our friendly industry experts today.