Build Your Own Bed in 5 Easy Steps

Build Your Own Bed in 5 Easy Steps

From custom made storage beds to custom size divan beds, we offer a range of bespoke bed solutions. As custom bed manufacturers, we want to help make sure that every customer can select the right bed for both their room and their needs. Whether you are buying for your own home or a hotel, a new bed can be a significant investment, so it is vital to pick the best bed and mattress for your room. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, but it's also essential that the look and feel of our beds add that extra pleasure to our sleeping experience. 


Our Build a Bed tool allows you to create your ideal bed from dozens of different options and see the bed change as you design. Let’s break the process down into five easy steps.

Step 1 – Choose the Dimensions of Your Custom Size Divan Beds

As you will know, the size of a bed is a key component of its comfort and should be chosen carefully. Before settling on a size, consider the size and layout of the room, the bed will go in and the purpose of the bed. Then choose from the following sizes: 

Single – 3ft (90x190cm)

If you just need a small bed for one, a single bed is a perfect choice. If you’re planning on buying two single beds for a twin room, you might wish to consider a super king-size Zip and Link bed instead. This will allow you to choose between two singles or a joint super king bed, depending on your needs. This is an excellent option if you run a hotel or B&B or even just for a guest room so that you can accommodate guests who may or may not wish to share a bed.

Double – 4ft6 (135x190cm)

A double bed is ideal as a large and luxurious bed for one or to share if you would like something bigger than a single bed but don’t have space for a king.

King – 5ft (150x200cm)

A king-size bed gives you a little more space than the double and comes either as a full bed or a Zip and Link option, allowing you to separate the bed into two small singles, should you wish to. This is a popular choice for both personal use or in hospitality as the Zip and Link function allows you to transform a double room into a twin room in minutes! The Zip and Link king is ever so slightly smaller than the standard king at 150x190cm. If this is isn’t big enough, choose an extra-length Zip and Link king at 150x200cm.

Super King – 6ft (180x200cm)

For even more space, upgrade to a super king! Just like the king-size bed, this super king also comes in a Zip and Link version so you can switch from a super king to two single beds if needed. Please note the Zip and Link super king is slightly smaller than the standard super king at 180x190cm. If this is too small, you can always choose an extra-length Zip and Link super king at 180x200cm.


Once you’ve chosen a size, it’s time to select a base.

Step 2 – Choose a Base from Our Custom Made Storage Beds

The next step is to choose a base for your bed. You can opt for no base at all if you prefer, but we do offer a selection of bases. The choice of available bases depends on the size of bed you’ve chosen. Some sizes include storage options too!

Divan Base

divan base consists of a robust wooden frame and covered in fabric. The mattress sits flush on top of the base for a streamlined design. Choose a divan base for your single, double, king, super king or Zip and Link bed.

Divan with Drawers

Divans with drawers are our custom made storage beds. The base is the same as a standard divan with the addition of inbuilt drawers to offer discreet storage space – ideal for storing linens or other items you might wish to keep neatly tucked away.

If you choose a single bed with drawers, your bed will have two on one side. If you want a double, king, super king or Zip and Link, your bed will have four drawers – two on either side.

Guest Bed

If you would benefit from an extra sleeping option, our guest beds are a single mattress that is stored inside the base of a single or super king zip and link bed. Simply slide it out when you need it.


Once you’ve decided on your base, you can choose a fabric. With dozens of different fabrics and colours to choose from, there is something for everyone and every taste. As well as the colours listed on our Build a Bed tool, we can offer plenty more as new fabrics are always being renewed. Or, maybe you have a fabric of your own that would compliment an existing room.


The options you’ll find on our Build a Bed tool are as follows, and are available in multiple colours:


·       Standard Base

·       Leather Base

·       Chenille Base

·       Linoso Base

·       Bracken Base

·       Velvet Base


If you have a different fabric in mind, feel free to contact us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Step 3 – Choose a Mattress

When choosing a bed, the mattress is a very personal choice. Your preference of firmness and material are important, which is why we offer a number of mattresses:


A simple and comfortable option for a good night’s sleep on any of our divan bases!

Hotel Contract

This mattress is one of our most popular! It’s comfortable with medium firmness and long-lasting with a cotton exterior.

Hotel Pocket Sprung

If you’re prone to moving about in your sleep, this mattress might be your perfect match! It has a medium firmness with pocket springs sewn together in individual cotton pockets that act as shock absorbers, enhancing the comfort of the mattress and supporting the individual contours of your body.

Hotel Waterproof

For those with allergies who benefit from a waterproof mattress, we recommend the Hotel Waterproof mattress. It’s not rubber or plastic, so it doesn’t make noise every time you move! Instead, it’s made from a specially treated fabric for your comfort.


This mattress is of medium firmness and is ideal for those with aches and pains who need a little extra support.


A comfortable temperature and breathability is key to a good night’s sleep. The Coolmax is soft and breathable with medium firmness, with a hotel-like quality.

Memory Pocket

The Memory Pocket is the highest quality mattress with superior pocket springs under a two-inch layer of memory foam and covered by breathable fabric to support you and help you relax after a long day. 

Step 4 - Select a Headboard

The right headboard completes the look and style of any bed and offers comfort and support when you want to sit up in bed to read, watch TV or enjoy your morning cuppa. Our Build a Bed tool allows you to choose from three designs:


Standard – this plain headboard is available in a range of colours and fabrics visible on the Build a Bed tool and can be attached to the head of the bed using wooden struts.

Buttoned – a floor standing headboard for extra durability with a stylish buttoned design in a range of colours and fabrics.

Lined – similar to the buttoned headboard, this design is floor standing and has a sophisticated lined pattern.

Step 5 – Select Add-Ons

Now that you’ve completed your custom made bed design, you can choose any additional extras. We offer an assembly service to take the hassle out of setting up a new bed, and you can select this at the end of the design process before you purchase the bed. If you’d like someone to collect your old bed set, mattress and packaging, we can do this for you to save you the job of disposing of it. If you’ve selected a Zip and Link bed, now is also the time to say if you’d like the bases divided into quarters and halves!


We hope these steps simplify the process of designing your bed! As experienced custom bed manufacturers, our team are on hand to help you choose a bed that enhances your quality of sleep and fits well into the space you have chosen to put it. Use our Build a Bed tool today, or keep reading our blog for more expert tips on all things bed-related.