What is a Zip and Link Bed?

What is a Zip and Link Bed?

Bringing you flexibility and ease of use, a zip and link bed gives you two single bed bases and two single mattresses that simply zip together to transform into a deluxe double bed. Popular in hotels, guesthouses and the home, a zip and link bed provides the freedom to enable you to set up a luxurious double bed or separate into two single beds. In this article, we explain how zip and link beds work, discuss the benefits that they provide, and take a look at the key considerations to keep in mind while choosing your perfect zip link bed.

How do Zip and Link Beds Work?

Putting together a zip and link bed is simple! The two separate zip link beds are connected using linking bars at both ends of each of the bases. These bars are very strong and sturdy, and hold the bases together tightly, so the zip and link bed should not come apart on its own. Now that you have your zip link bases together, you need to think about the mattress - so, what is a zip link mattress exactly? Zip link mattresses have specially-designed, robust zippers that connect two separate mattresses together seamlessly and discretely.

Are Zip and Link Beds Versatile?

Zip and link beds can be joined together to form a luxurious double or king bed. Alternatively, they can be easily separated to form two single beds!

For anyone in the hospitality industry, a zip and link bed can be an ideal solution when needing to vary room arrangements easily. This is ideal for hotels, guest houses, Air BnB hosts! Zip link beds are also a fantastic option for households who have visiting guests. You can swiftly change up the dynamics of your bedrooms to suit the preferences of your guests. It is easy to quickly transform the king size or super king size divan bed into two single beds.

Another excellent benefit is that you can choose from a variety of bases, such as a platform base with its lower height or a drawer divan base with its valuable extra bedroom storage; there is a great range of possible combinations to choose from!

Are Zip and Link Beds Comfortable?

Zip and Link beds are extremely comfortable; you will not be able to feel the zips that join the two zip link mattresses together as they are located on the sides of the mattress. Moreover, they are ideal for sleeping partners with different mattress preferences. Zip and link beds can be designed using zip link mattresses with different spring tensions and different levels of firmness to suit the needs of each partner. Also, if sleeping partners have a noticeable difference in body weight, the springs in a regular mattress are more likely to compress throughout the centre of the mattress. With two zip link mattresses, the centralised compression is reduced. Whether it’s a memory foam, orthopaedic or pocket sprung mattress you are after you can be sure to find it in a zip link style.

Are Zip and Link Beds Easy to Install?

Zip and link beds are very simple to join together and separate – they are a no-fuss solution to changing up sleeping arrangements. Additionally, because zip and link beds can be separated, they offer a solution to hotels and houses with difficult access points, tight stairwells, narrow corridors or low ceilings. Being able to separate the bed also makes it easier to manoeuvre as each single bed is much lighter than one double size or king size bed.

Can I Attach a Headboard to a Zip Link Bed?

What is a zip link bed without a stylish and functional headboard? A cosy and luxurious bed is not complete without one. When choosing to order a zip and link bed, make sure to choose zip and link headboards to pair with it. It is a good idea to match the fabric of your chosen zip link headboard to the fabric of your chosen zip link bed. The headboards connect individually to each base, so they are very easy to separate with the bed for those times when you are transforming a zip and link bed into two single beds. A headboard strut kit will help you to attach your chosen headboards to your chosen beds.

What Size of Zip and Link Bed Should I Choose?

The size of the zip and link bed that you choose depends on what your primary use of the bed is, and how much space you have to work with in the bedroom. However, if you are considering using the zip and link beds regularly as single beds, it is highly recommended to go for the 6ft super-king size option as opposed to the 5ft king size option. A super-king offers a more generously-sized single bed for most people. With no price difference between these two sizes, the decision is simply about what you can functionally fit in your room!

Hopefully, you now understand what is a zip link bed, what its benefits are, and what you need to consider before choosing one. A zip and link bed is such a cleverly designed and well-built item of furniture that ensures a comfortable night’s sleep, whatever arrangement is chosen. Once you’ve designed and assembled your zip link bed, you should dress it with a warm duvet, comfortable pillows and some luxurious linen for the enjoyment of whoever is going to use it!