How to Save Space in a Small Bedroom

 How to Save Space in a Small Bedroom

Making a small bedroom look bigger is easily achievable with the help of a few simple hints and tricks. You want your bedroom to be your own sanctuary and a safe space where you can unwind and destress each day; that’s why maximising space in a small bedroom is so important. 

Here, we explore how to save space in a small bedroom and how to maximise storage in a small bedroom with the right furnishings, mattress size and bed frame.

How to Save Space in a Small Bedroom

1) Shelving

If you lack floor space, you can easily save space by utilising the available wall space. Wall shelves are a great option to store trinkets, books, jewellery or more. You could opt for shelving that is your bedroom wall's width or stacked on top of one another. You could even make a design using three shelves, with the middle shelf either above or below the other two. 

2) Over the door storage

Over the door storage is a great space saving option to keep items off of the floor and hidden away from bedside units. The options for over the door storage are endless! For instance, you choose to have an over the door mirror or opt for shoe storage, hooks or a storage rack. 

3) Multi-functional furniture

With a small bedroom, you want to keep as much of the floor space as free as possible. To save space, you should consider furniture that has more than one use. For instance, you could use a chest of drawers to replace a traditional bedside table. You now have a dual purpose bedside table which can store your clothing items away in the drawers, and you have a larger surface for a bedside lamp. This choice also means you could remove a wardrobe from your bedroom,  which can be very bulky. 

4) Bed size

It's important to consider your bed's size for the available space in a small bedroom. Firstly, consider if you sleep alone or with a partner. Maybe you sleep alone but like to spread out in bed, or perhaps you already have a double bed but only ever sleep on one side of it. Now is the time to consider what size mattress and bed frame you actually need for your bedroom.  

If you sleep alone, a single bed is a great choice as it saves floor space. If you want a bit more room and comfort, a small double bed is the next best thing. A small double bed and mattress is smaller than a standard 4ft6 double bed but is larger than a 3ft single bed. If you sleep with a partner, you may want to consider a double or queen bed, depending on your bedroom's size. 

5) Storage beds

Once you've decided on the best bed size for your small bedroom, you should then consider what type of bed frame would suit your needs. As the name implies, storage beds are the best option to save space in a small bedroom. Storage beds help any room feel less cramped and cluttered as the fewer items you have out on display in a small bedroom, the bigger it will appear. 

Now, let's discuss the best storage beds for maximising space. 

How to Maximise Storage in a Small Bedroom

When it comes to maximising storage in a small bedroom, the main focus needs to be on your bed frame. Storage beds are excellent for smaller bedrooms, as they give you the space-saving option to store away any items without them being seen. Here are our favourite types of storage beds:

1) Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds give you the most available under bed storage as you have the full floor space underneath the mattress to utilise. They are brilliant as they lift upwards using gas lift hydraulics, meaning you can easily see everything you have stored underneath your bed. And, if you don't have a lot of floor space for a bed frame with pull out drawers, then an ottoman bed is your answer. We love the beauty of an ottoman bed, and the luxurious Whitford crushed ottoman bed comes in a beautiful crushed mink, silver or plush grey

2) Fabric drawer divan beds 

Divan beds offer a range of benefits; one of our favourites is how they are available with hidden drawer storage. Drawer divan beds come in a range of fabrics and sizes, with the choice of two storage drawers for single beds or four drawers for a small double, double, king or super king bed. You can also build your own bed to create a bespoke bed customised to your favoured size, colour, headboard choice and preferred storage option. 

3) Wooden beds with storage 

For those that like a more natural look, wooden beds with storage are a great space saving option. The Pentre bed frame, which comes with two side drawers, makes for a great choice. If your bedroom is longer, the Bretton bed frame comes with two drawers at the foot of the bed. Both bed styles are available with one drawer as a single bed frame, and you have a choice of colour: oak or painted white. 

4) Guest beds

Perhaps your small bedroom is your spare room. If that's the case, beds that store guest beds underneath them are the perfect space-saving storage option! These single beds store a single guest bed underneath them, meaning you always have an extra single bed at the ready for guests. What's more, the guest bed could be moved into another room, giving you the flexibility and adaptability when people stay over. 

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Apart from the main furniture within your bedroom, it's also important to consider additional accessories to help make your bedroom look bigger.  

1) Colour scheme 

A key tip for making a small bedroom look bigger is to focus on your colour schemes. In a small bedroom, you want to avoid  dark colours as this will make the room seem smaller. To make any space look bigger, you need to consider bright and light colours. We recommend opting for a crisp and clean look with white walls and light coloured bedding and pillowcases. If you want to add a pop of colour to your bedroom, you could paint a feature wall behind your bed or opt for a colourful blanket. 

2) Mirrors

Regardless of your bedroom's size, a mirror will always help make your space look bigger as the light bounces around a room. To make your space appear larger than it is, you could choose between one large mirror or multiple smaller mirrors to create a feature wall. Not only can mirrors be very visually appealing, but they are also  a versatile choice. Full-length wall mirrors, for example, are a practical choice for your room as they not only  emit light throughout your space, but they are useful for when you’re getting ready. 

3) Direct the eyes up

To make a small bedroom look bigger, you want to direct your eyes upwards towards the ceiling. You can do this by placing artwork or a shelf high up the wall. You could also opt for a light fixture with a ceiling fitting - be sure to avoid dangling pendant lights as they can make a room feel smaller. 

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to save space in a small bedroom with various storage ideas and the importance of choosing the right bed size and bed frame. For the perfect choice in your bedroom, why not take a browse of our wide range of beds and mattresses?