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How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

When you think of staying in a hotel room, you immediately think of crisp, fresh bedding. You think of a pillow that's so fluffy that you sink into it. You think of a mattress that feels wonderful. You think of a duvet and bedding so soft and comfortable that you could easily stay in bed all day. And, don't they always feel better than your own?

Well, we're here to give you our best tips so you can learn how to dress a bed like a hotel, making your bedroom feel like the dream destination getaway you'll appreciate. 

How to make your bed like a hotel: 

1. Mattress quality

When it comes to staying in a hotel, mattress quality will always impact your night's sleep. The higher the quality of the mattress and one that's tailored to your personal sleeping style will result in a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep. There's a wide range of mattress types, sizes and firmness levels to choose from. For instance, do you prefer a memory foam mattresses to an open sprung one? What firmness level do you prefer? It's a tough decision to narrow down!

To make your decision easier and to make your room feel like a hotel, why not try a zip and link mattress? Commonly used in hotels, they are two single mattresses that zip together to form one larger double bed. Or, the flexibility is there to be unzipped and used as two single mattresses. A zip and link bed is a great option if you're looking to create a hotel atmosphere in your spare room as it has the versatility to accommodate a couple or two separate individual guests.

We all know that sometimes in a hotel you can feel that uncomfortable divide between the two single mattresses in a double bed. But, fear not! Linx Beds’ Zip and Link mattresses zip together at the side of each mattress, making sure that you practically don't feel the divide between the two! To understand the full benefits that zip and link beds can offer in your home, our article 7 Advantages of Zip and Link Beds is an informative read. 


2. Ditch the fitted sheet

When it comes to how to make your bed like a hotel, we'd recommend using a flat sheet instead of fitted. The sheet is often overlooked when it comes to a hotel bed, but a flat sheet allows for every crease to be flattened out. Additionally, a high-quality flat sheet gives you a variety of tucking options, with the most popular in the hospitality industry being the 'Hospital corner’ technique. This technique makes sure that the sheet isn’t too tight to the mattress while adding that extra attention to detail as opposed to fitted sheets.

3. Duvet and pillow type 

So, how to dress a bed like a hotel? So far, you’ve got the correct mattress, size and style for a comfortable night's sleep. You’ve got the flat sheet, tucked however you want, but the hospital corner technique is the most flattering. Now you need to look at your pillows and duvet

A hotel duvet often feels fluffy, thick and wants to make you snuggle up in it. That comfort can easily be achieved in your home. Remember, your dream hotel bed in your home is just that…it’s yours. Choose a duvet and pillow type that is your favourite and feels the most comfortable and relaxing for you. That way, you’ll be looking forward to getting into bed at the end of each day! 

For dressing a bed like a hotel, we prefer to use four of the same pillow type, but you can easily have two different types of pillows on your bed. For example, if you’re looking for a 5-star luxury hotel pillow, we’d recommend having two of the satin stripe pillow at the front of the bed to sleep on. Behind that, you could have two super bounce pillows to give the added volume and fluffy look that hotel pillow arrangements often give you. You could add some scatter cushions as well to reach the desired look you’re going for. 

Choosing the right duvet is important to make your bed feel luxurious, and we would recommend a goose feather for the ultimate feeling of plush, comfort and relaxation. As previously mentioned, the choice of duvet and pillow type is completely up to you to create your dream hotel design! 

4. High-quality bedding 

To understand how to dress a bed like a hotel, you need to know about bedding type. The bedding is where your eyes will be drawn to as soon as you walk into your room. High-quality bedding will make your room feel more luxurious and like a home away from home. For that appealing hotel feel, white bedding is the way forward! 

White bedding gives you connotations of fresh, clean and bright. Who wouldn’t want that in their bedroom? But, too much white in a bedroom can look a bit clinical. To overcome that, for accent colours why not try neutral or pastel colours in accessories, like throws or scatter cushions? They are a small but impactful feature to make your bed look luxurious. 

If you are trying to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, it’s best to stay away from vibrant and bold colours in accessories. On the other hand, if you’re trying to achieve a tropical hotel feel, then these colours are a great option! It’s all down to your personal preference! 

How can Linx Beds help me to make my bed like a hotel?

That’s how easy it is to make your bed look luxurious and look and feel a hotel! A few small changes can make all the difference to give you your own piece of hotel bliss in your home. 

To make sure that you choose the right quality mattress, duvet, pillows and bedding for you, why not browse the full Link Beds collection? Or read some of our other blogs that can help with your décor journey.