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How to Decorate a Child's Bedroom

How to Decorate a Child's Bedroom

Decorating your child’s room doesn’t have to be a battle between what you like and what your child likes. Their room can be just as gorgeous as the rest of your home and – bonus! – it doesn’t have to cost the world to do it. Here are five steps to decorate your child’s room to suit you both.

Easy Steps for Decorating a Child’s Room

1. Pick Your Theme

When it comes to kid’s rooms, all too often the interior of boys' rooms are blue on blue while girls’ rooms interior design is usually based around solid pink or purple. They absolutely love it when they’re little, but you’re likely to end up repainting it in a couple of years. A theme on a neutral backdrop is perfect for easy shifting as they grow up without having to redo the entire room. Some great theme ideas are rainbows, maps, animals, space or flowers – try to keep it open-ended to make it easier to find cheaper materials.

You can incorporate the beloved pink or blue in subtler ways, such as cushions and artwork (more on that later). Alternatively, the junior pocket mattress will still create a stylish space that will give them room to grow.

2. Start With the Walls

Walls can make or break the interior design of your child’s room; while it might be easier to go for bright and bold colours on every wall, it can make the space smaller and more overwhelming. Instead, we recommend keeping to an off-white or light grey and welcoming the addition of a feature wall or section.

With just a few items found in most homes (a pencil, some string, masking or painters' tape and some A4 paper), you can create bold shapes on your child's wall to easily make the room feel more dynamic on a budget. Dulux has a technique guide for decorating your child’s bedroom wall yourself with bright geometric shapes and bold patterns.

Alternatively, try some chalk paint or wallpaper – let’s be real, they’re probably going to draw on the walls at some point, and this can take away some of that stress and provide a fantastic creative outlet.


3. The Perfect Bed

Of course, the bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom. There are many avenues to explore with the bed you choose, and it comes down to what space you have and what you're looking to do with it. 

Sofa beds are great for maximising the amount of space your child has to play in during the day, and bunk beds are ideal if your child is looking forward to having friends stay over when lockdown restrictions are set to be relaxed in Summer. As an alternative, loft or cabin beds will help you get as much storage space as possible for all those toys!

Even the mattress doesn’t have to be boring; our Billy Mattress is a vibrant, bold addition to the bedroom. It doesn't need turning – saving you from wrestling with flipping a heavy mattress while your little darling tries to jump on it! As is crucial with any mattress, it is supportive of your child and helps them get the best night’s sleep possible.

Tip: Opting for bedding with their favourite TV characters or a repeated icon (rainbows, dogs, or dinosaurs) will also help to get your little one that bit more excited for bedtime.


4. Change Up the Lights

Overhead lights are great to keep things bright during the day but try to add some smaller accent lights into the bedroom design for your child as these can be great for varying their play and especially for winding down in the evening. Lamps are perfect for bedtime stories and, if your child’s room interior doesn’t have a lot of natural light, a lamp can add an extra touch of brightness. We have some more tips on our blog on how to get yourself ready for a good night’s sleep.

Whether you’re looking into boy’s or girl’s bedroom interior design, string lights around the walls or hanging from the furniture are ideal for creating a sense of magic in the air. If your little one loves space, have a look for a starlight projector to bring the galaxy into your home.  


5. Time to Accessorise!

This is where everything starts to come together. Keep your theme in mind when you’re starting to look at accessories for your little girl or boy’s room interior; little touches throughout the room will make more difference than you might think!

Cube storage units are great for keeping those toys tidy and, matched with a box that complements your colour scheme, will add a stylish flair to a room. Cushions can be used as colour highlights as well as making your child’s bed look that extra bit cosy.

Kids love personalisation, so keep that in mind and make sure that they have their fingerprints all over the room (hopefully not literally!). Try framing some of their artwork to display it stylishly or crafting something together to display. Making bunting or wall-hangings are a brilliant way to bond with your little one, and you have a gorgeous piece at the end to display.

Remember, the key to decorating your child’s room is making sure they feel happy and comfortable in the space and finding the perfect bed is a large part of that. Check out our naturals junior coil mattress, designed for children of all ages, to help them sleep soundly. Or, take a look at our website to build a custom bed and, if you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.