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The Best Under Bed Storage Ideas for an Organised Space

The Best Under Bed Storage Ideas for an Organised Space

Under bed storage is the best way to maximise storage space in any house, and are a particularly smart storage idea for small bedrooms. Our blog covers the best under bed storage ideas, from investing in an Ottoman bed to some DIY under bed storage solutions, we’ve got you covered. 

Putting these clever under bed organisation ideas into action will help you create a blissfully clutter-free bedroom that you will look forward to coming home.

Under Bed Organisation Ideas – What to Store Under your Bed?

Our top tip is to fill your under bed storage with items appropriate for that room. 

Master Bedroom

In your master bedroom, you may store anything from spare pillows, blankets and linens or books. You could also store your out of season clothing and shoes you don’t wear regularly. 

What to Store Under Children’s Bed

Use under bed storage in your kids’ rooms to quickly remove any clutter from the floor. Store toys, books, games and puzzles and Legos – especially Lego, you don’t want one of those lying in waiting for an unsuspecting foot! 

What to Store Under the Guest Bed

To maximise storage in your guest room, you may leave the under bed storage empty for guests to leave any luggage or personal belongings. When your guests are not staying over, under bed storage offers an efficient solution when you need some extra space to tuck away the things you don’t want on display or don’t use as frequently. 

Under Bed Storage Solutions


1. Ottoman bed

Ottoman beds have built-in storage space underneath the bed frame. An Ottoman is a smart storage idea for small bedrooms as it provides both comfort and function, not taking up any unnecessary space as the storage is within. The Ottoman can be lifted via a gas lift mechanism, allowing you to see everything stored beneath with ease, or quickly remove any clutter from your bedroom.

2. Drawer Divan 

Add some drawers to your Divan bed base. A Divan bed is great for saving space, and the drawers slide in neatly into the side of your bed base, allowing you to maximise your storage space in a small bedroom.

To match your drawers to your Linx Zip and Link bed, choose from a variety of beautiful finishes, from bold bracken, sophisticated faux leather and hard-wearing chenille to soft velvet and fresh linen-style. Find out why divans continue to impress in our recent blog post.


3. Rolling storage boxes

Rolling storage boxes are an ideal under bed storage solution. The addition of wheels to your storage makes it easy to access your belongings by simply rolling them out from under your bed! 

4. Colour-coordinated storage boxes

Compliment any existing features in your bedroom, or add a bit of colour to your space with some colour-coordinated storage boxes. These are especially great for organising and storing children’s toys for a quick clean-up after playtime.

5. Baskets

Add a rustic touch to any bedroom with baskets to store your belongings under your bed. Baskets are a great under bed storage solution if you have a raised or wooden bed frame, and would complement these features well.

6. Decorative open shelving

A great under bed organisation idea is to raise your bed and use open shelving. Doing this can add a decorative flair to your bedroom. This works especially well to store items upright or stack, such as books and DVDs or remotes and electronics.

7. Plastic boxes

While not the most aesthetic of your under bed storage solution options, there’s a reason why plastic boxes have been used as an under bed storage solution for years. Plastic boxes are airtight and safe, easy to stack them to maximise your storage space, and usually have good handles to grip in the event of any heavy lifting. 

8. Fabric

Fabric storage options are malleable so can fit in most spaces and can store just as much as a plastic box, with a sleeker touch. Choose from a fitted or zip-up lid and use dividers to keep your belongings secure. These units are collapsible, making it easy to move things about between rooms or for storing the box itself after a clear-out! 

9. Vacuum seal bag

Storing your belongings in a vacuum seal bag eliminates the chance of dust and moisture getting to your things. Vacuum sealing maximises storage space as it reduces bulky items to a fraction of their initial size.

The Best Under Bed Storage Ideas

Don’t sacrifice style for storage! Here are some DIY under bed storage solutions if you like to get handy.

1. Repurpose a bookshelf

Fix the bookshelf under your bed frame to create a raised frame and increase storage. Or place directly under your mattress to create a bed frame!

2. Repurpose an old drawer

Add some wheels under an old drawer to create a rolling wooden storage solution to slide under your bed.

3. Skirt 

If you have a raised bed frame, cover your storage boxes with a skirt and add a stylish appearance while you’re at it! You can purchase a bed skirt or make one yourself if you like a project!


The Benefits of Under Bed Storage Solutions

1. Maximise your storage

Chances are your storage is scarce, particularly if your wardrobes and shelves are packed to the brim. Rather than cluttering the floor or hanging clothes on a chair (we all do it), storing any excess in under bed storage is a smart storage idea for small bedrooms and spaces. 

2. Utilise otherwise wasted space under your bed

Under bed storage allows you to utilise the otherwise wasted space under your bed and could end up with a less-than-ideal cluttered space.

3. Quickly clean up 

Having a place to store your belongings quickly and out of sight is a huge benefit of under bed storage.

4. Make your bed more appealing

Use decorative open shelving and baskets to match and complement existing features in your bedroom. Work with the space you do have to see which under bed storage solution is best for you. For example, think about what would look less cluttered, one big box or several little boxes? You can also add a pop of colour to the room with multi-coloured, multi-purpose under bed storage!

Put these clever under bed organisation ideas into action and create a clutter-free bedroom that is a happy one. There are many DIY options to create your under bed storage solution, but one of the best under bed storage ideas is investing in a bed with built-in storage and live out the clutter-free life of your dreams. Browse our range of Divans and Ottomans or contact us today to discuss some storage solutions.