Choosing the Best Temporary Bed for Guests

Choosing the Best Temporary Bed for Guests

With lockdown slowly lifting and restrictions on visiting loved ones easing, many of us are thinking about the best temporary bed for guests when we can finally invite them back into our homes. 

Many spare rooms were turned into home offices with the rise of working from home, so if you need to keep your space but still want the best guest bed for a small space, this post will explore some of your options. There are a range of different sizes, shapes and styles out there, so it really depends on who you have to stay, how large your room is and whether you can have a designated guest room or if the room is multipurpose and the bed will be put away.

Best Guest Bed Options: 

1. Pull Out Guest Beds:

A trundle bed is a single bed frame with a secondary frame tucked underneath it which can be pulled out when needed. Some pull out guest beds are designed to simply pull out and sit on the floor next to the bed frame. These are useful for kids when they have friends to stay, as they are much smaller and safer than bunk beds.

Alternatively, our guest bed collection includes divan bases that allow the second frame to be raised and stand next to the base, allowing it to be turned into a double bed easily for adult guests, with good quality mattresses.

Pull out guest beds are some of the best guest beds for small spaces – because they store down as a single bed, they can be pushed against the wall to leave as much free space in the room as possible. This is particularly useful when trying to accommodate guests in a small room or if the room is multipurpose. Whenever you don’t have guests, you can have the floor space free, and when you do, they have a comfy, spacious bed to relax in.


2. Sofa Beds:

Sofa beds are great because when they’re not needed as a bed, they can be completely inconspicuous in any room. If you don’t have a designated spare room, a sofa bed can live in a large bedroom, home office or even the living room. 

The benefit of a sofa bed is that when you don’t have guests, they are still functional pieces of furniture and take up no more space than a normal sofa – this makes them one of the best temporary beds for guests. They can also be folded up to give your guests somewhere to sit and relax in their own space while they stay with you. 

3. Sofa Bunk Beds

These work in a very similar fashion to regular sofa beds, but they open upwards into two rather than opening out into one bed. This means that they’re one of the best guest beds for small spaces – when unfolded and ready to use, they don’t take up any more floor space than the sofa itself. 

Sofa bunk beds are ideal for kids rooms; the extra floor space is extra space to play, and kids love the novelty of a bunk bed. Alternatively, having two beds means that you can host multiple guests without them having to share a bed.

4. Pull-Down Beds

Also known as wall beds or fold-down beds, pull-down beds are more subtle options for guest beds. If your spare room is a multipurpose room and you don’t want to see the bed when it’s not in use, a pull-down bed could be the best guest bed option for you.

Pull-down beds often come with built-in storage to make the most of a space, and they’re ideal for small spaces – once they’re put away, the rest of the room is free to use. They have full mattresses and will be comfortable even for guests staying for a while. 

However, keep in mind that because pull-down beds are often accompanied by peripheral furniture for storage and fitting, they are often pricy. Additionally, the majority of pull-down beds must be attached to a wall, making them unsuitable for those in rented accommodation. 


5. Fold-up Beds

Fold-up beds are, admittedly, not the most subtle option for a room. However, they make up for that by being a great space saver, and as long as you have somewhere out of the way to store them, they are definitely an option to consider.

They are often markedly cheaper than the alternatives, and they come in doubles as well as singles – you can even buy covers for them to disguise them when they’re not in use. Even better, fold-up beds are portable and can be brought with you for travelling or camping to ensure you are always comfortable. 

6. Zip and Link

For versatility, a Zip and Link mattress is a great solution as they can be very easily altered to suit whatever guest is staying. As two single beds, they can be moved around the room or placed sidelong against walls to maximise floor space. For multiple guests who don’t wish to share a bed, there is the option of separate sleeping, and otherwise, your guests will have the option of a full-sized double bed.

Our divan bases work well with our Zip and Link mattresses. As the mattress sits atop the base rather than in it, the base can be smaller than a traditional bed frame, making it one of the best guest beds for small spaces.

7. Air Mattress

Of course, we couldn’t write about the best temporary beds for guests without mentioning good old air mattresses. Almost everyone has slept on an air mattress at some point or other, but we’ll summarise the main take-aways from air beds. 

There are a few keys to having an air bed. Firstly, you want to make sure you get a good quality one – nobody likes waking up in the morning lying on the floor on a deflated sheet of soft plastic. You should check that the material is sturdy and fit for purpose. Finally, if you have the space for it, a double air bed will be better than a single. 

Air beds are often very affordable, and storing them is a breeze because they’re so small. However, bear in mind that they won’t offer the same support and comfort as a proper mattress, and they often aren’t suitable for those with back or neck pain. While they are useful on occasion, air beds are often not the best guest bed option for hosting.


8. Day Beds

Day beds are great for multipurpose spaces because they’re multipurpose themselves. They are not only a subtle option for guests to sleep on, but they are also sofas when not in use as beds, and many day beds come with drawers or other storage solutions underneath the bed, or even a pull-out bed.

Day beds can be easily customised to fit in with your décor and have the advantage of needing no preparation – if you keep sheets and cushions on the day bed, it is ready to be slept on at a moment’s notice. Their versatility definitely earns them a place as one of the best temporary beds for guests.

9. Bed-in-a-Box

Another solution is the clever bed-in-a-box. These are flexible bed frames which are kept in a box (like an ottoman) and can be pulled out when needed for a guest. They’re particularly subtle, and you wouldn’t even know that there was a bed in there. 

At Linx Beds, we have a footstool bed that folds out into a single bed. At less than a meter square, it can fit into almost any room and is an ideal solution for any last-minute or unexpected guests. It comes in eight different colours to suit any décor. 

10. Folding Mattress

The main difference between a folding mattress and a fold-up bed is the frame. Folding mattresses have no frame and are often made with memory foam, making them denser for comfort. They typically come with three connected pads to fold into a little stack for easy storage.

These are perfect for kids’ sleepovers as they can be pulled out and unfolded in seconds and will still be comfortable – the pads can even be used to help make a well-constructed pillow fort! These are one of the more affordable options and can make a versatile bed for guests, camping or travelling. 

Very soon, we’ll be able to have people over to stay again, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready with the best guest bed options. Being able to offer guests a solid, comfortable bed to sleep in can make all the difference and ensure everyone wakes up refreshed

To go that extra mile for your guests, please have a look at our guide to making your bed like a hotel – we all deserve to feel a little fancy this year!