7 Ideas for a Summer Bedroom Makeover

7 Ideas for a Summer Bedroom Makeover

With summer in full swing, it may be time for a summer bedroom makeover! Nobody wants a hot, stuffy and dark bedroom when the weather is warm and the days are long. So, here are seven of our favourite summer bedroom ideas that are simple, practical and stylish.  

7 Ideas for a Summer Bedroom Makeover

1. Bedding

The bed is the centre of any bedroom, so this is the place to start when it comes to a summer bedroom makeover.

Change out your bedding for a bright, white cotton duvet cover. Not only will white bedding brighten up your bedroom and make it feel more spacious, but it will also help to keep your bed cool. Light colours, especially white, are more resistant to sun absorption compared to dark colours. Cotton bedding is also ideal for keeping you cool during warm nights.

2. Bed Frame

Natural bed frames and headboards are also perfect as part of your new summer bedroom décor. Materials like wood, linen and rattan suit a natural, boho vibe and work perfectly in an airy, summery bedroom. A white wooden bed frame works especially well for a beachy aesthetic.

The benefit of natural and neutral bedframes is that they can transition into different seasons seamlessly by changing up your bedding, cushions and throws! They also offer a timeless style that will always be in fashion. 

3. Soft Furnishings

When it comes to simple summer bedroom ideas, we recommend experimenting with soft furnishings. Swap in some decorative cushions that have a summer aesthetic. Whether that’s neutral hues, pretty florals, nautical stripes or luscious leafy prints, you should be able to find summery cushions to suit your personal style. Using pillows is a great way to instantly, and often affordably, achieve a summer bedroom makeover.

Throws are another effective way to use soft furnishings for a summer refresh. Linen or cotton throws are perfect for adding texture and interest to your bed, and for showcasing your summer style. Whether that’s a cool-toned blue or a sandy beige, throws help to add some interest to an all-white bed. They’re practical too, as they can be used instead of a duvet on warmer nights, or as well as a duvet on chillier nights. Win-win!

4. Colour Palette

Incorporating a summery colour palette into your bedroom is a fun way to rejuvenate your space. If you’re up for painting your bedroom walls, whitewashing them creates a space that feels bigger and brighter and provides a neutral backdrop.

For a more natural aesthetic, incorporate beiges, creams and peaches into your space. Cool-toned blues and greens also work well with this style and emulate colours you’d find in nature. Using colours that echo nature are known to create a calming space.

If you’re looking for a summer bedroom makeover that’s more bright and vibrant, then incorporate those shades! Bold and bright cushions, photo frames and other decorative pieces are perfect for injecting some vibrancy into your space.  

5. Plants & Flowers 

Bringing the outdoors indoors is an increasingly popular interior trend, and one that is perfect for summer. The easiest way to join this bandwagon is by bringing some flowers and plants into your bedroom.

Summer is the ideal time for beautiful flowers, so make the most of them by showcasing them in your bedroom. For extra design points, choose flowers that complement your chosen colour scheme.

House plants are a year-round interior staple, however they are especially perfect for summer décor. Adding vibrant, green plants to your bedroom will (literally) add life to it and improve the air quality in your room. You can go the extra mile by choosing stylish plant pots to keep them in, like ceramic or terracotta ones.  

6. De-Clutter 

One of our favourite summer bedroom ideas is to de-clutter your space! Take your winter wardrobe, your boots and heavy coats, and store them away. Roll up thick floor rugs to keep your room cool. And, don’t forget to swap out your thick, winter duvet and keep it out of sight.

If you’re looking for more storage in your bedroom, why not consider a bed that comes with additional storage space? You can find drawer divan beds with hidden storage drawers and divan ottoman beds with under-the-mattress storage. Both options provide sleek and concealed storage space, perfect for neatly storing away winter clothes and winter bedding throughout the summer months.

7. Wall Art  

Finding characterful and affordable wall art is easier now than ever before. Framed prints are especially popular, and you’ll certainly be able to find summery ones that suit your style. Switching out your wall art with the seasons is an easy and quick way to introduce seasonal colours and refresh your bedroom.


We hope our collection of summer bedroom ideas has inspired you to freshen up your space! A summer bedroom makeover is a perfect excuse to switch up your style, have a de-clutter and create a comfortable space in the warmer weather. 

Giving your bed a makeover is one of the most crucial parts of a summer bedroom makeover, whether that’s switching in a lighter duvet and white, cotton bedding or investing in a timeless, wooden bed frame.

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