7 Advantages of Zip and Link Beds

7 Advantages of Zip and Link Beds

Zip and link beds were originally designed for the hospitality industry, made to make life easier for hotel staff while providing guests with a comfortable nights sleep.

The way zip and links beds work is simple. They are comprised of two single mattresses and two single bed bases which can be easily zipped and locked together to form one large bed.

From versatility to ease of use, the many fantastic benefits that zip beds offer is why they’re so popular in hotels, B&Bs and everyday homes.

We’re going to share with you seven of the best advantages of zip and link beds so you can understand why they’re worth the investment.

7 Advantages of Zip and Link Beds

1. Zip Beds Offer Flexibility

One of the best benefits of zip and lock beds is the level of flexibility they offer.

If you’re operating a hotel, a zip bed instantly provides you with the opportunity to offer flexibility to potential guests.

Zip and link beds can be quickly and easily zipped and locked together to form a large bed, which is ideal for couples.

Likewise, you can separate zip beds just as easily, providing a new sleeping arrangement for guests who want separate beds.

This versatility isn’t limited to hotels and B&Bs; zip and link beds work perfectly at home, too.

For example, zip beds would work well in a guest room, allowing you to smoothly change the sleeping arrangements depending on what works best for your guests. 

2. Zip and Link Beds are Easy to Install

Zip and link beds may seem complicated, but that is a misconception. A key reason why zip beds make the best hotel beds and home beds is because they’re so easy to use.

To connect zip and link beds, you just need to lock the bed bases together using a linking bar and zip the mattresses together using the zip. It’s so simple, and doesn’t require any special set of skills! 

Simple functionality makes zip beds a fuss-free, stress-free solution for any hotel or homeowner who wants to switch up a bedroom speedily.

3. Zips Beds are Ideal for Sleep Partners

If you have a sleeping partner, a zip and link bed is an excellent investment for your health and well-being.

Zip beds can be comprised of two different mattress types, so long as they’re of the same firmness and depth. This means, partners who prefer different mattress types can feel comfortable.

Also, because zip and link beds have two separate mattresses, movement transfer between the mattresses is greatly minimised. If you or your partner are especially restless sleepers, then this advantage of zip and link beds should help improve your sleep quality.

Maintaining healthy sleep habits is crucial for both your mental and physical health. If you struggle to sleep properly with a restless partner, then you should certainly consider a zip and link bed.  


4. Zip Beds are Easy to Manoeuvre

Another advantage of zip and link beds is that they are easier to manoeuvre in comparison with regular double and king-size beds.

The ability to unlock zip and lock beds means you can carry the smaller, separated single beds rather than one large bed.

It can be challenging manoeuvring king-size beds through awkward spaces such as winding staircases, narrow corridors or low ceilings. However, zip and link beds make it easier to navigate through these obstacles. 

5. Zip and Lock Beds are Comfortable

You don’t need to worry about comfort when it comes to zip and lock beds.

Although the mattress has zips attached, it is virtually impossible to feel them while you’re lying down. This is because the zips are located at the side of the mattress, and are covered by a seam.

And, at Linx Beds, we offer mattresses for zip beds in various types and with different levels of firmness. So, you’ll be sure to find a mattress that meets your needs by offering optimal comfort.

6. Zip and Link Beds can be Made Lighter

Separating zip and link beds effectively cuts the weight of the bed in half. As a result, the bed can be moved with greater ease.

Not only does this make it easier to move the bed into a new room, but it also makes it easier to move the bed for cleaning purposes. And, if you’re a hotel manager, your staff will have to do this regularly.

A lighter mattress also means you can rotate and flip it more easily, which is a crucial step in prolonging the life of any mattress. As a result, your money goes further.

7. Zip Beds are Space Savers

If you’re on a mission to be space-efficient, then our Divan zip beds are the perfect solution.

Divan beds are one of the UK’s most popular bed bases because they provide a range of practical benefits. And, at Linx Beds, we offer them in a zip bed format.

Our zip and link Divan bases are designed to fit with mattresses accurately. The mattress sits directly on top of the base, rather than inside the frame, which is a real space saver.


So, there you have seven advantages of zip and link beds. You can see why we think they make the best hotel beds and the best beds for any home seeking flexibility.

Have a look at our collection of top-quality, comfortable zip beds and mattresses. Or, for more information, feel free to contact us or have a read of our blog