6 Benefits of Divan Beds

6 Benefits of Divan Beds

Divan beds are a firm favourite across the UK – they help you to optimise on space and comfort. It’s a win-win. We love divan beds, and we know you will too! So, here is our list of six fantastic divan bed benefits.

What is a Divan Bed?

Divan beds have a sturdy box frame base that is made in two pieces. The base is then covered in fabric, which allows the mattress to sit neatly on top. Divan beds can be bought individually, or with a corresponding, comfortable mattress. As such, divan beds are especially perfect for those looking for an easy and complete bed refresh.

6 Benefits of a Divan Bed

1. Storage

Divan beds can be designed to include drawers for storage as part of the base. In any home, finding ways to increase storage space is like finding gold. But, this is especially true for those of us with smaller bedrooms and smaller flats.

With a couple of drawers that hide neatly on either side of the divan bed base, you can maximise bedroom storage without spending extra on alternative solutions. Why not use the drawers to keep your spare sets of bedding neatly tucked away? Or, to store away some pieces of seasonal clothing?

Extra storage space helps to keep the bedroom tidy and clear of clutter. And, you know what they say: tidy room, tidy mind! A de-cluttered bedroom provides a calming atmosphere, which will you help you to relax and fall asleep more easily.

2. Customisation

Next on our list of benefits of divan beds is the potential for customisation. Divan beds are super customisable, allowing you to design a bed that integrates perfectly into your space.

The divan bed base fabric is entirely customisable. Are you interested in a clean-look leather base? Or, is a plush velvet base more your style? You can also choose from a collection of gorgeous colours, such as duck egg blue, a monochrome grey or a warm terracotta.

Headboards also offer design flexibility. For a minimalist look, go for a standard headboard. For a bolder choice, try a buttoned or lined headboard instead. Just like the base fabric, a divan bed headboard can be covered to suit your style.

This degree of customisation makes divan beds an excellent choice for those of you who are looking to redecorate and want a new bed that compliments your room.

3. Flexibility

Perfect for guest bedrooms, hotels or Air B&Bs, divan beds provide a great deal of flexibility.

You can buy a divan bed in a range of sizes, including 3ft single, 4ft small double, 4ft6 double, 5ft king and 6ft super-king. So, whatever size you need you can be sure to find a divan bed that will fit. For our top tips on choosing the perfect mattress size for you, take a look at our ultimate mattress size comparison guide.

Divan beds can be bought as zip and link bases, which offers an ideal solution for sleeping arrangement changes, along with heaps of other benefits. Zip and link beds are king or super-king size beds which can be easily separated to form two, separate beds.

You can also buy a divan bed base with a carefully hidden, inbuilt guest bed that can be easily pulled out. Perfect for visiting families with children, or for your own children’s sleepovers!

4. A Space Saver

Divan beds offer great benefits for those who need to save on space. Standard bed frames are often designed to be slightly larger than your mattress. However, divan bed bases are designed to fit your mattress perfectly; the mattress sits firmly on top of the base, rather than inside the bed frame.

As a result, this will save you from using up space unnecessarily, which is ideal in a smaller room where floor space is at a premium.

If you are buying your mattress and divan bed base separately, be sure to measure the dimensions of your mattress carefully.

5. Moveable Castors & Platform Legs

Another brilliant, customisable feature of divan beds is the ability to change their legs. You have the option to upgrade from standard bed legs and choose something with more practicality, like moveable castors or platform legs.

Divan beds fitted with castors are helpful if you want to be able to move your bed easily. Not only is this a great solution for moving your bed around to make room for guests, for example, but it also makes it easy to clean the entire room more thoroughly. Keeping the bedroom spotless is especially vital for hotels, B&Bs and Air B&Bs.

Alternatively, you could opt for platform legs on your divan bed. Platform legs elevate your bed nicely off the floor, adding more height and a more luxurious feel to the bedroom. They also offer extra under-the-bed storage space for those who need it.

6. Easily Assembled

The final feature on our list of divan bed benefits is that divan beds are easily assembled. A simple assembly process is music to anyone’s ears, especially for those of us without an inherent DIY gene. Divan beds are also generally lighter and easier to transport than other bed frames, which helps to speed up the assembly process.

Overall, divan beds offer an array of benefits to help keep your bedroom tidy, stylish and optimised for space. To build your very own, customisable divan bed, try out our ‘build your bed’ tool. Or, have a browse of our collection of long-lasting, high-quality divan beds.