6ft Super King

The crème de la crème of the bed world – one bed to rule them all. Whatever you want to call it, it’s no secret that super king size beds hold the title of the most luxurious bed on the market. A hotel-style super king bed makes for a blissful night’s sleep and is an excellent option for both domestic and hospitality purposes. Measuring a roomy 6ft x 6ft 6in or 180cm x 200cm, you really can’t go wrong with a bed of this magnitude. Taller individuals will appreciate the added 10cm of length for extra comfort. Choose a standard bed or a Zip and Link super king bed for extra convenience and the choice between a full-size bed and twin beds.

Velvet Divan Bed Base

Velvet Divan Bed Base

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Velvet Drawer Divan Bed Base

Velvet Drawer Divan Bed Base

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Velvet Platform Bed Base

Velvet Platform Bed Base

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Types of Super King Size Beds

The next size up from a king, the super king is available as a Zip and Link super kind bed or as standard. If you’d prefer to have a full super king size bed without a Zip and Link option, we also provide standard super king beds in a variety of materials and styles.

Super King Size Beds for Guest Rooms

The super king Zip and Link splits into two full single beds, rather than two small singles, so you have quick and easy access to a twin bedroom or luxury super king accommodation. If used as a joined super king Zip and Link bed, couples can enjoy the luxury of their own mattresses while sharing a bed, for an undisturbed night of sleep. Or, the beds can be swiftly separated to create a twin bedroom setup for children or guests who would prefer to have their own beds.

Super King Size Beds with Storage

While the super king bed offers plenty of sleeping space, it can quickly downsize a room by taking up a large footprint of floor space. This isn’t an issue in spacious rooms, but smaller rooms may benefit from additional storage space within the base of the bed. Super king divan beds can be configured to house drawers in the base to store linens, clothing, towels or to create storage space for guests to keep their belongings inside. A Zip and Link super king size bed with drawers offers storage for the whole bed when the bed is linked as a super king size bed, as well as drawers for each bed when splitting into full single beds.

Our super king size beds are available in a variety of fabrics and bases, from velvet to leather and divan to low profile. You can build your own bed in 5 easy steps using our configuration tool.