Zip and Link divan beds are a popular choice when it comes to choosing a base for your Zip mattress, thanks to their flexibility. Find out why divans continue to impress in our recent blog post.

One of the key benefits of the Zip and Link divan is that it generally takes up less space than other bed frames or bases. This is because divan beds are typically the same width and depth of the mattress sitting on it, unlike other bed frames which are made to fit around the mattress. We also provide wheels and legs, so your divan can be easily manoeuvred or slightly elevated to become a low profile bed. Our Zip and Link divan beds can be easily joined using the link bars, so you can quickly turn a double divan into two singles and vice versa. 

Bracken Divan Bed Base

Bracken Divan Bed Base

Building on one of our most popular fabrics, the B...

From £269.99

Ex Tax: £224.99

Chenille Divan Bed Base

Chenille Divan Bed Base

The Chenille Divan Bed Base uses a popular an...

From £249.99

Ex Tax: £208.32

Leather Divan Bed Base

Leather Divan Bed Base

The Leather Divan Bed Base is part of our faux lea...

From £239.99

Ex Tax: £199.99

Linoso Divan Bed Base

Linoso Divan Bed Base

The Linoso Divan Bed Base features an elegant, yet...

From £309.99

Ex Tax: £258.32

Standard Divan Bed Base

Standard Divan Bed Base

Our Standard Divan Bed Base are availabl...

From £229.99

Ex Tax: £191.66

Velvet Divan Bed Base

Velvet Divan Bed Base

Our Velvet Divan Bed Base range adds a taste of lu...

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Choose from the following sizes for your link divan beds:

3ft Single standard divan

4ft Small Double standard divan

4ft6 Double standard divan

5ft King standard or Zip and Link divan

6ft Super King standard or Zip and Link divan

Extra Length 5ft or 6ft Zip and Link divan

Zip and Link Divan Storage

A Zip and Link divan provides a sturdy base for your mattress which can include under-pull drawers within the base, should you require the extra storage space. The drawers are tailored to match the fabric of the divan you choose to seamlessly blend into the base of the bed. Generous in size, the drawers can easily house bed linens or towels for your guests. A 3ft single divan base can include drawers on either side, while larger divan bases are designed to feature two drawers on either side. Link divan beds also accommodate four drawers to ensure adequate storage and accessibility when the beds are separated or joined. For ultimate customisation, you could choose two drawers on one side only or for the drawers to be installed at the foot of the bed. The latter is a handy option if the sides of the bed are blocked by furniture. The drawers on the Zip and Link divan beds can be tidily concealed or protected by a valance. 

Link Divan Beds Colours

Our selection of upholstered divans offers a variety of beautiful finishes, from bold bracken, sophisticated faux leather and hard-wearing chenille to soft velvet and fresh linen-style. Each style of upholstery has its own range of beautiful colours to choose from. Explore the collection to choose your Zip and Link divan bed.