Our handpicked selection of bed frames feature everything from traditional oak to contemporary metal or divans to ottomans, available in range of UK standard sizes. The collection includes our popular Zip and Link beds, which are available in either 5ft or 6ft.

What are Zip and Link beds?

An innovative design which allows the conversion of one bed into two. Zip link beds are essentially two mattresses zipped together which can be unzipped to create two separate smaller beds. The zip spans the full length of the mattress to create a seamless experience which doesn’t compromise on comfort or quality. Our zip together beds also have a link bar which is subtly placed at the head and foot of the divan, a discreet design which perfectly balances substance with style.

Benefits of Zip and Link beds

Other than the simple flexibility they provide for those needing to switch between a double bed and two singles, Zip and Link beds also provide you with more space when it’s needed. If you plan on moving in future or need to accommodate some extra guests, Zip and Link beds are perfect for interior changes and last minute sleeping requirements. Zip link beds adapt to the size of the space, making it a worthwhile investment that can work to your changing needs.

How it works

All you need to do is pick the size of bed you require, as well as the type you would like, adding them both to your cart ready for purchasing when you’ve finished your search. If you require support or have any questions about our beds, please feel free to contact us so we can happily assist you.