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Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung mattresses are known throughout the bed industry to be one of the most superior mattress available. As the springs are sewn together into individual fabric pockets, the fabric which surrounds them then acts like a shock absorber and works to increase both the firmness of the mattress and its comfort by reducing any bounce.


Pocket springs are made from sixteen to seventeen gauge wire that are then formed into either parallel or barrel shaped springs, small in diameter and then clipped or tied together. (The actual spring count will vary depending on the diameter of the springs.) Here at Linx Beds we keep our count between 1000 for a softer feel and up to 1200 for more firmness. We believe this gives a good balance between comfort and price. It is possible to add in up to 3000 springs but this would be unnecessary and not provide any benefit unless each person was in excess of thirty stone.


A pocket sprung mattress will absorb the weight of  the sleeper allowing the contours of the sleeper to be gently and uniformly supported. As such it can help to fight against any discomfort that a bad back or painful joints can often bring and reduces pressure points help to deliver a good night’s sleep. It is often asked whether pocket sprung mattresses are specifically designed as orthopaedic mattresses. Whilst an orthopaedic mattress is any mattress designed to support the skeletal system there is no official standard of what this should be. However the majority of pocket sprung mattresses are generally considered to be the best for encouraging joint relief.


Pocket spring mattresses are also the best choice when there is weight or size variation between yourself and your partner. Traditional open coil mattresses where the springs are interwoven cause the sleepers to roll together as when pressure or movement is applied on one side of the mattress it can be felt across the bed. Whether yourself or your partner move around more in your sleep then with a pocket sprung mattress you will be less likely to experience this effect.

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