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Our faux leather headboards have been specially designed to match our base fabrics to give your bedroom an impressive and stylish look. They are easy to clean and quick to customise. Being a simple rectangular shape means you can easily re-cover them with a staple gun, make a slip or drape a runner over them to create a sumptuous look. They are approximately 2 inches deep with a domed foam comfort layer.
The standard headboards are approximately 21 inches high with hardwood struts included for securing to your divan bed base. Once fitted to a standard bed, they will stand approximately 4 feet from the floor.  If you would prefer a lower profile, you can drop them below the height of the mattress to stand approximately 3 feet off the floor.
Our floor standing headboards stand an impressive 4 foot 6 inches high from the floor and use a stronger slot mount fixing method for greater stability. They are 3 inches thick and come in three varieties; plain, lined and buttoned.
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Standard Headboard
The Linx Beds Standard Headboard can be selected to match any of our base fabrics to create an im..
Ex Tax: £40.83
Buttoned Floor Standing Headboard
The Linx Beds Buttoned Floor Standing Headboard can be selected to match any of our base fabrics ..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Brown Floor Standing Leather Headboard (faux)
The Linx Beds faux Brown Leather Headboard can be selected to match our base fabrics to create an..
Ex Tax: £103.33
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